Ideas for your home and life no matter how perfect or imperfect they may be.

Ideas for your home and life no matter how perfect or imperfect they may be.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Overwhelmed Blogger!

Well so far I have not been a very good blogger. I have my reasons for this. . . I AM OVERWHELMED!

I was told by my doctor 6 weeks ago that my cholsterol was high, I have been told this once before but this time he was serious, I was going to have to take medication. Without getting into all my medical background the medicine will not be a good choice for me, but I WAS TOLD TO TAKE IT! So I guess it is pretty serious. Well in my usual style I come home and start my research and find out how to lower it and what I can and cannot eat. I also was told by my doctor that the only way to get any weight off was to give up or cut down on my carbs, oh no.

Well it was 6 weeks yesterday and I have lost 9 pounds and we are waiting to see what my lab results are to see if I have to continue with the medication. The nurses were stunned and wanted to know what diet I was on and they named a few of the new ones floating around out there and I answered NONE. I do not eat anything white if I can help it and being a southern girl who loves her sweet tea you should have just killed me. Everything I eat is the right portion and low fat low cholestrol. I eat whole grains and 3 meals a day, if I get hungry in between I eat fruit. I still drink my diet dr pepper (they will be prying that from my cold dead hand) my coffee and water. This is my new way of eating any it is healthy and it works for me.

We also have had a break in incident where all 3 of our vehicles were broken into during the night. Boy that leaves you feeling a little violated. I have now done something that I thought I would never, ever do in my life, I have purchased a carry permit. I am going to learn how to use a gun. When the deputy suggest that you do so because you are isolated in your home alone in a neighborhood with no one around during the day and that is when break ins occur. He said people are now getting so desperate they are doing things they would not normally do. So I have a good friend who is going to teach this completely gun shy girl how to use a gun properly. Please pray I never have to use it.

Now for the fun thing that has completely took over my life and I am being sarcastic, BEN. He starts back to college on monday and has no where to live. I left the decision up to him and look where it has gotten me, I am leaving to head to the school to see what we can find today with four fraternity boys. Such is my life. He also has left all of the stuff he brought home from college in a pile in his room and not moved it. So I suggested he just put it in big garbage bags and take it back. I know this sounds cruel to most of you moms but I have picked up and organized for him until I am pooped and it doesn't do any good. When he gets to whatever living space we finds it will all end up in the floor in a pile anyway.

I am praying that next week I can get my painter started and my projects going and my house CLEAN and Ben free for at least a week, because I know he has to come home for a good friends wedding.

Well I promise once I get the kid off to college I will become a better blogger, because I have some great projects in the works. Hugs to All!

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