Ideas for your home and life no matter how perfect or imperfect they may be.

Ideas for your home and life no matter how perfect or imperfect they may be.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Master Bedroom Update . . . Almost Complete

this is the updated bed
It seems like it takes forever to remodel/redecorate when you are doing it all by yourself and you are a perfectionist, like me. I have been hard at work on three rooms of my home and trying to do it all myself is sometimes more than I can handle. I wish I was one of those people who could just go out and just buy all new things and be done with it but what fun would that be? I still have a couple of paint projects and sewing projects that need to be done as you will see from the pics but I wanted to give you a glimpse of my progress so far.

used flash so you could see striping

here is what bed looked like before
walls painted and carefully striped
paint color: BM/White Sand
Ralph Lauren Candlelight for stripes

old nightstand on left
freshly painted on the right
I think I need some more blingy knobs
what do you think?

The turquoise mirror on right side of the bed was ripped from a old dresser and has layers upon layers of paint and I finally decided upon turquoise. I used Ralph Lauren Sunfade glaze over the top to give it the worn look after of couse sanding the heck out of it. The mercury glass lamps were finds from TJ Maxx and the linen shade were swapped from some other lamps (I have a thing for lamps). The plaque above the bed is a Mother's Day present from my son it says "Sweet Dream, I love you to the moon and back", this is what I would say to him everytime I would tuck him in as a child. The antique maghony door is finally where it needs to be, ahhh.  The bed linens are Simply Shabby Chic from Target in linen of course. Chocolate quilt is a TJ Maxx find. All the parts are finally coming together.

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