Ideas for your home and life no matter how perfect or imperfect they may be.

Ideas for your home and life no matter how perfect or imperfect they may be.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Master Bedroom Update . . . Almost Complete

this is the updated bed
It seems like it takes forever to remodel/redecorate when you are doing it all by yourself and you are a perfectionist, like me. I have been hard at work on three rooms of my home and trying to do it all myself is sometimes more than I can handle. I wish I was one of those people who could just go out and just buy all new things and be done with it but what fun would that be? I still have a couple of paint projects and sewing projects that need to be done as you will see from the pics but I wanted to give you a glimpse of my progress so far.

used flash so you could see striping

here is what bed looked like before
walls painted and carefully striped
paint color: BM/White Sand
Ralph Lauren Candlelight for stripes

old nightstand on left
freshly painted on the right
I think I need some more blingy knobs
what do you think?

The turquoise mirror on right side of the bed was ripped from a old dresser and has layers upon layers of paint and I finally decided upon turquoise. I used Ralph Lauren Sunfade glaze over the top to give it the worn look after of couse sanding the heck out of it. The mercury glass lamps were finds from TJ Maxx and the linen shade were swapped from some other lamps (I have a thing for lamps). The plaque above the bed is a Mother's Day present from my son it says "Sweet Dream, I love you to the moon and back", this is what I would say to him everytime I would tuck him in as a child. The antique maghony door is finally where it needs to be, ahhh.  The bed linens are Simply Shabby Chic from Target in linen of course. Chocolate quilt is a TJ Maxx find. All the parts are finally coming together.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Overwhelmed Blogger!

Well so far I have not been a very good blogger. I have my reasons for this. . . I AM OVERWHELMED!

I was told by my doctor 6 weeks ago that my cholsterol was high, I have been told this once before but this time he was serious, I was going to have to take medication. Without getting into all my medical background the medicine will not be a good choice for me, but I WAS TOLD TO TAKE IT! So I guess it is pretty serious. Well in my usual style I come home and start my research and find out how to lower it and what I can and cannot eat. I also was told by my doctor that the only way to get any weight off was to give up or cut down on my carbs, oh no.

Well it was 6 weeks yesterday and I have lost 9 pounds and we are waiting to see what my lab results are to see if I have to continue with the medication. The nurses were stunned and wanted to know what diet I was on and they named a few of the new ones floating around out there and I answered NONE. I do not eat anything white if I can help it and being a southern girl who loves her sweet tea you should have just killed me. Everything I eat is the right portion and low fat low cholestrol. I eat whole grains and 3 meals a day, if I get hungry in between I eat fruit. I still drink my diet dr pepper (they will be prying that from my cold dead hand) my coffee and water. This is my new way of eating any it is healthy and it works for me.

We also have had a break in incident where all 3 of our vehicles were broken into during the night. Boy that leaves you feeling a little violated. I have now done something that I thought I would never, ever do in my life, I have purchased a carry permit. I am going to learn how to use a gun. When the deputy suggest that you do so because you are isolated in your home alone in a neighborhood with no one around during the day and that is when break ins occur. He said people are now getting so desperate they are doing things they would not normally do. So I have a good friend who is going to teach this completely gun shy girl how to use a gun properly. Please pray I never have to use it.

Now for the fun thing that has completely took over my life and I am being sarcastic, BEN. He starts back to college on monday and has no where to live. I left the decision up to him and look where it has gotten me, I am leaving to head to the school to see what we can find today with four fraternity boys. Such is my life. He also has left all of the stuff he brought home from college in a pile in his room and not moved it. So I suggested he just put it in big garbage bags and take it back. I know this sounds cruel to most of you moms but I have picked up and organized for him until I am pooped and it doesn't do any good. When he gets to whatever living space we finds it will all end up in the floor in a pile anyway.

I am praying that next week I can get my painter started and my projects going and my house CLEAN and Ben free for at least a week, because I know he has to come home for a good friends wedding.

Well I promise once I get the kid off to college I will become a better blogger, because I have some great projects in the works. Hugs to All!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Izzy and I at the Paint Store

I have not given up on my blog, I've just been a little off track. We all know how this goes. I think I became so overwhelmed by the amount of work that still has to be done I decided to take a small break. There also have been personal issues which have affected me and drained all my creative spirit. I think I am back, or at least I hope so.

Today Izzy and I visited our local Ace Hardware to be color matched. I have to say she was very lady like about the whole ordeal. Perry, my paint man could not hide his amusement at my choice of an item to paint match. Izzy stood very still while they scanned a few places on her back and then layed down on the floor while the paint was being mixed. She even stood while the guys took her picture because one of the guys girlfriend could not believe they were matching paint to a dog. In their defense it was their first dog paint match.

Well Izzy and I got home with our new 3 (different shades of same color) colors of paint, and if you are wondering why there are 3 it is because I am annal. I have to have everything match through the house. I really wish that I had a cute cottage to decorate like most of the blogs I follow, or at least a new house that was just perfect, but I don't. I have a 28 year old ranch style home that wouldn't look right with that complete cottage look so I have to be careful what I do and not overdo. I love to decorate with the same tones with splashes of color and sparkle and texture to each room. That way I can always switch accessories between rooms, yeah.

Well now back to paint, we are going to have to head back to the store. Once the colors were on the wall they kinda had a purple tint and that will not work. Only one worked with the stone fireplace and will have to have 2 more made from that so I am making progress.

Now on a more personal note, for the past two weekends I've had people I know lose their spouse very unexpectedly, this has really touched me in a way that I did not expect. I think we all need to take the time each and every day to tell our spouse or loved one how much we appreciate, respect and love them for who they are and what they add to our lives. I know that I am trying to do better. God Bless you all and thanks for visiting.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Nothing Going On - UGH!!!

Well the remodeling project has come to a halt. The painter I had in mind to paint the interior is no longer available, so now the hunt begins. I am ready to get started being that I am impatient and it is a holiday weekend, there is no one who wants to talk to you on a holiday weekend.

I have finally decided on a paint color. Yeah me. I have been looking at paint swatches for months and the color has been right in front of me all the time. The inspiration is the one thing that keeps me calm and she is always beside me. My Izzy, my beautiful 9 year old weimme, I am going to use various shades of the color of her coat. Now the trouble is I wonder if I can just take her into my local Ace Hardware so that they may match her with some beautiful Benjamin Moore paint? Well they know me there and are used to my crazy ideas so I guess we will see, I will let you know how this goes.

By the way this is my Izzy the inspiration for my new paint color. Isn't she beautiful?

Have a wonderful 4th of July and be safe.
Hugs to all!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy Sunday afternoon.

Well I got the front doors finished, they are now glazed perfectly the way I wanted. The threshold is now stained and all is complete outside. I still have to re-do the inside. I used Ralph Lauren Tobacco glaze on the inside and I thought it looked fine until I finished and stood back and decided it just looked dirty. So when I started glazing the outside I used Ralph Lauren Tea Stain and it was perfect. So back to Kilz and re-painting and glazing one more time. I guess your figured out I am a perfectionist. Oooops my secret is out. I think the new lights and doors look great together. Of course I love my lights. I hope you agree.

I used Oil -rubbed bronze handles.

Close up of my lights. Love these!

Can you tell I glazed these? I now need wreaths and 
a double welcome mat. 

The Need of New Windows & Siding

This overgrown Yew is now gone to be able to see the front of the house.

The pile of materials finally is going down.

The bay window is coming out. The new doors are freshly painted and drying.

Bye, bye back deck and sliding door. Hello window.

New Mailbox, brick not stone with hooks for holiday and special 
occasions hanging made into the brick. My idea.

Finally ugly gable air vent gone, new one to come.
First post- let's see how this goes. . . 

Ok, Gina from one of my fav blogs The Shabby Chic Cottage (who I happened to have met yesterday in Nashville) inspired me and told me how easy it was to do this. Well Gina this is for you! By the way check out her blog and her etsy store she is fab. I bought two beautiful ruffle hand towels  (photos to come) in Nashville at the Artsy Chicks show.
The whole idea of my blog is to keep me inspired to continue to with not only finishing my home improvements but to give you a glimpse of my journey. I do have some before shots of the big outside project which is almost complete. We had to install all new windows and siding. Well those that know me know I can't do it the normal way I have to tear our old bay window and sliding doors (UGH!) and replace with windows. So needless to say we have some painting on the inside to do now. I am happy with the results. Now if I can get the balance of my shutters and the hardware and have them installed I will be finished with the installation. YEAH!
I have decided that I am going to have to call a professional painter to come in and paint since there is so much to paint, that is my first phone call tomorrow. I will be doing the accessories and finishing touches. I will be posting pics and instructions if you are interested in any of my projects.
I am hoping that you will enjoy my blog and that you can help and hold me accountable to get this house in order and call me out when you feel I am going off course. That happens alot when you have 3 dogs, 2 cats, a 20 year old son home for the summer and a husband that is not helpful at all.  I am woman I can do all. . . LOL!