Ideas for your home and life no matter how perfect or imperfect they may be.

Ideas for your home and life no matter how perfect or imperfect they may be.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy Sunday afternoon.

Well I got the front doors finished, they are now glazed perfectly the way I wanted. The threshold is now stained and all is complete outside. I still have to re-do the inside. I used Ralph Lauren Tobacco glaze on the inside and I thought it looked fine until I finished and stood back and decided it just looked dirty. So when I started glazing the outside I used Ralph Lauren Tea Stain and it was perfect. So back to Kilz and re-painting and glazing one more time. I guess your figured out I am a perfectionist. Oooops my secret is out. I think the new lights and doors look great together. Of course I love my lights. I hope you agree.

I used Oil -rubbed bronze handles.

Close up of my lights. Love these!

Can you tell I glazed these? I now need wreaths and 
a double welcome mat. 

The Need of New Windows & Siding

This overgrown Yew is now gone to be able to see the front of the house.

The pile of materials finally is going down.

The bay window is coming out. The new doors are freshly painted and drying.

Bye, bye back deck and sliding door. Hello window.

New Mailbox, brick not stone with hooks for holiday and special 
occasions hanging made into the brick. My idea.

Finally ugly gable air vent gone, new one to come.
First post- let's see how this goes. . . 

Ok, Gina from one of my fav blogs The Shabby Chic Cottage (who I happened to have met yesterday in Nashville) inspired me and told me how easy it was to do this. Well Gina this is for you! By the way check out her blog and her etsy store she is fab. I bought two beautiful ruffle hand towels  (photos to come) in Nashville at the Artsy Chicks show.
The whole idea of my blog is to keep me inspired to continue to with not only finishing my home improvements but to give you a glimpse of my journey. I do have some before shots of the big outside project which is almost complete. We had to install all new windows and siding. Well those that know me know I can't do it the normal way I have to tear our old bay window and sliding doors (UGH!) and replace with windows. So needless to say we have some painting on the inside to do now. I am happy with the results. Now if I can get the balance of my shutters and the hardware and have them installed I will be finished with the installation. YEAH!
I have decided that I am going to have to call a professional painter to come in and paint since there is so much to paint, that is my first phone call tomorrow. I will be doing the accessories and finishing touches. I will be posting pics and instructions if you are interested in any of my projects.
I am hoping that you will enjoy my blog and that you can help and hold me accountable to get this house in order and call me out when you feel I am going off course. That happens alot when you have 3 dogs, 2 cats, a 20 year old son home for the summer and a husband that is not helpful at all.  I am woman I can do all. . . LOL!